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<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Cleaning Products For Computers</span>Cleaning Products For Computers
Cleaning Products For Computers
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Software</span>Software
F-Secure internet security, Norton Antivirus, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows Professional 64 Edition, Nero OEM Suite & Microsoft software programmes
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Hardware</span>Hardware
Cables, Fans, Computer Case's, DDR Memory, Duplicators, CDRW's CD Roms, DVDRW's, DVD Roms, Flash Memory, Graphic Cards, Hard Drives, Heat Sinks, Keyboards, Mice, Modems, Mother Boards, Mouse Mats, Net work Cards, Printers, Power Protection, Power Supplie Units, Processors, Speakers, USB Hubs
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Batteries</span>Batteries
Batteries, AAA, AA
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>CD Label Kits, CD Labels, CD Pens, CD Cleaner Disk</span>CD Label Kits, CD Labels, CD Pens, CD Cleaner Disk
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>CDr Blank Media Storage Disks</span>CDr Blank Media Storage Disks
CDR 80min, 99min, CD-RW, Inkjet Printable Cdr's, Digital Audio Cdr's, LightScribe CDR's

A selection of CDR Media from Arita, Bulkpaq, Choice, CMC, Datasafe, Datawrite, HP, Infiniti, Memorex, Mirror, Philips, RiData, RiDisc, SIX, TDK, Traxdata, TuffDisc, Verbatim
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>DVD Blank Media Storage Disks</span>DVD Blank Media Storage Disks
DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, Dual Layer and LightScribe Disks, 8cm, DVD RAM, Ink Jet Printable

A Selection from Arita, Budget, Bulkpaq, CMC, Datasafe, Datawrite, HP, Infiniti, Mirror, MovieStyle, Philips, RiData, RiDisk, Rivision, TDK, Titanium, Traxdata, Tuffdisk, Verbatim, Whitelable
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Floppy Disks 3.5''</span>Floppy Disks 3.5''
Maxell 3.5''
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Inkjet Cartridges & Printhead Cleaning Cartridges</span>Inkjet Cartridges & Printhead Cleaning Cartridges
InkJet Printer Cartridges For Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Original, Compatible, Refill kits And Print Head Recovery Fluid.

Ink Film For Philips Fax Machines
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Laminating Pouches</span>Laminating Pouches
A4 & A5 Laminating Pouches
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Laptop Storage / Carry Cases</span>Laptop Storage / Carry Cases
The following size's are available

15'' Small
16'' Medium
17'' Large
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Laser Toner For HP, Canon, Brother, Samsung, Xerox</span>Laser Toner For HP, Canon, Brother, Samsung, Xerox
Laser Toner Cartridges For HP, Canon, Brother, Samsung, Xerox
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Mail Lite White Bags</span>Mail Lite White Bags
Lightweight to keep postal costs down, these strong, recycled bubble lined postal bags feature a kraft lining for extra strength and improved puncture resistance. A special air retention barrier seals each individual bubble against air loss for high performance cushioning. Ideal for shipping 3.5" floppy disks or other fragile, heavy or awkward items, each envelope features a convenient peel and seal closure
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Stationery</span>Stationery
A4 10 Part Subject Dividers
Assorted Labels
A4 Plastic Wallets
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Storage CD Jewel Cases, DVD Cases, C Shells, Wraps</span>Storage CD Jewel Cases, DVD Cases, C Shells, Wraps
Jewel Cases Slim, Single, Double, Triple, Quad, Six's
Cloth & Aluminum DJ CD, DVD Carry Cases
Plastic CD, DVD Wallets
DVD Cases, Black, Super Clear, Green, Blue, White, Mini, Half Size, Slim, Single, Double, Triple, Quad, Sixes, Tens.
C-Shell Cases
CD Wraps And DVD Wraps
Laptop Cases
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Packing Tape and sealing tape</span>Packing Tape and sealing tape
Packing Tape and sealing tape
<span style='color: #0000ff;'>Photo Paper, Matt & Glossy, T-Shirt Transfer Paper</span>Photo Paper, Matt & Glossy, T-Shirt Transfer Paper
Photo Paper Matt A4 120g 140g, 160g
Photo Paper Glossy A4 140g, 150g, 190g, 210g, 254g

Photo Paper Matt 6'' x 4'', 7'' x 5''
Photo Paper Glossy 6'' x 4'', 7'' x 5''

Glossy T-Shirt Inkjet Transfer Paper

Credit Cards
X S Computer Supplies UK CD r, DVD r MEDIA, Ink & Hardware

Unit 8 Purn House Farm, Purn Way, Bleadon, Weston Super Mare, North Somerset, BS24 0QE

Tel: 01934 811155

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